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I thought I would start with a bit of history about unicorns. Much of what I’m about to tell you came from research that I did on the web. I will be giving links to the sites I use on another page.


Despite the fact that unicorns have not been seen in centuries, if ever, many people still believe in their existence. There are 3 main types of unicorns: Oriental, Arabian, and Western. Each has a different description of they look like and what they represent. They do, however, all have a single horn coming from the forehead.



Oriental Unicorns

Unicorns have been in Chinese mythology for thousands of years. They appear in many different forms. The most familiar of the forms has the body of a deer, the hair on the back is 5 colors (red, yellow, black, blue, and white these are sacred colors to the Chinese.), the hair on the chest is yellow (some say that eh belly is actually green scales like a dragon.) It also has the tail of an ox, the hooves of a horse, and a horn growing from its forehead.

The Chinese name for the unicorn is Kilin (chee-lin). Ki the male unicorn and Lin the female unicorn. It is a gentle animal careful never to tread on any living thing and eating only dead vegetation.

Kilin is said to have come from the earth and is revered as on of the 4 superior animals of good omens, foretelling of future events. The appearance of the unicorn was interpreted as a sign of good times.

One sighting said to have to Emperor Fu His, so that he may receive the secrets of the written language, almost 5,000 years ago. It is also said the unicorns lived during the reign of Emperor Yao, the 4th of 5 emperors who shaped the world 4,000 years ago.


The Chinese also believe that unicorns can also foretell the birth and death of great men. In 551 B.C. a pregnant woman met a unicorn in the woods. It laid its head in her lap and gave her a piece of Jade. On the Jade was an inscription which foretold of the great wisdom her son would possess. This man was Confucius. In his old age, Confucius is said to have seen the unicorn and knew that he was soon to die.


In Japan the unicorn is sometimes known as “Kirin” and also as “ikkakujuu”; I - is a contraction of ichi which means “one”; kaku means “horn” and juu means “beast”. It has a shaggy mane and the body of a bull.


The Japanese unicorn was a beast to be feared, especially by criminals. It was able to detect guilt. Judges were said to call upon the unicorn to determine the guilt in legal disputes. The Unicorn would fix his/her eyes upon the guilty party, and then pierce him through the heart with his horn.



Arabian Unicorns

The Arabian unicorn is said to have magical qualities. Its horn was a good luck charm against the scorpion. Drinking from its horn could neutralize poison. You could rid yourself of demons by eating the meat of the unicorn.


The Arabian unicorn is known as Karkadann. It has a long twisted horn, and lightly darkened fur.

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